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Hotel Relais Ducale
Spa & Pool -
Pescocostanzo (AQ)

Relais Ducale Spa&Pool is dedicated to all travellers looking for charme et atmosphere.
It is located in Pescocostanzo, a delicious small village among the Abruzzi mountains. Fireplace always lit up, open ceiling rafters and white Majella stones, warm woody colours, candles, antique furnishings and smart details make it a unique, charming spot.
Tullia Gargiulo, antique dealer and art collector, and Alberta Saladino, interior designer, saw to the inner decorations, thus creating a successful meeting of unique and rare epoch pieces, and contemporary element of design: hunting trophy of the early Twenthieth century, Austrian bear woodcarving pit-stalls, stool with elk’s antlers, liberty bench and cushions made of vintage fabric with country scene, are in full armony with contemporary furnishings and artistic installations made by Michele Iodice.